JAPAN PROCUREMENT SERVICE receives many questions. We have listed the most frequently asked questions. If after reviewing these categories and questions, you are still unable to locate the answer to your question, please contact us via our website feedback form so that we can further assist you.

Frequently asked questions 

Q:  Can you research a product we need?

A: Yes, of course we will research the products you need. Please let us know what kind of products you are looking for.

 Q:   Can you research a manufacturer?

 A: Yes.We can research the manufacturer making the products you want to buy. 

 Q:   Do you need any extra charge to negotiate the manufacturer or wholesaler for us?

 A: We don’t need any charge except 8% commission for the products price and actual expenses.

 Q:  How does payment work?

 A: Please pay through PAYPAL, and you can use your credit card to pay. We also accept bank wire transfer.

 Q:   After payment, how soon you can buy the item?

A: Usually we can buy your item within 24 hours from when you paid our invoice.

 Q:  Do you take photos before sending item out?

 A: If you need, we can take photos and send them to you by email.

 Q:   Which shipping courier service do you use?

A: Mainly EMS, but DHL, FEDEX, etc. also OK. We will ship upon your request.

 Q:  Can I track my package?

 A: Yes. We will receive you the tracking number once we shipped the item.

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