We will buy Japanese products for you and export to your country.

Please request what you are looking for. We will search the products and the wholesaler or the manufacturer and try to get the best price for you. We also arrange export procedures and you will receive a shipment completion mail with tracking number after shipment.

*Easy Steps 

Enjoy easy steps to buy items from Japan without any difficulties.

 Feel free to contact us through a form or an email. You will receive a quote from us and if it is OK, please pay in bank remittance or PayPal. We will buy the products and export to you.Usually we will use EMS service but of course you can choose other courier services.


We will charge 8% of  product price(minimum JPY10,000) and  also need to be paid for actual expense for shipping and banking charge(or PayPal charge).

Currency of payment is Japanese yen. If you pay by other currency, we will need commission for exchange

PayPal: 3.9% of the remittance + JPY40

Banking Charge: JPY4,000for 5,000,000 yen or less

 If you use bank remittance, you will need to pay remittance fee, so we recommend you to use PayPal.

 ex. In case that  the products price is JPY100,000 and gloss weight is 5kg, exported  to HongKong by EMS and you pay by PayPal;

 product fee JPY100,000 + our comission JPY10,000

+ EMS JPY6,000 + PayPal charge JPY4564 = JPY120,564

*Any Items Anywhere

We can buy any items and export to anywhere.

We already exported many kinds of products to overseas countries. Recently we are shipping stationaries, baby clothes, children clothes, cartoon character goods and toys but of course we will buy and exports any products if you need.

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